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Social Media Marketing & Advertising

Social Media

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube and Instagram are today's powerful word-of-mouth marketing and sales conversion tools.

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Social Media Marketing & Advertising

pay per click

Social Media Pay-per-Click Advertising

We target your Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube & Instagram advertising to your target prospects and influence them to:
a) visit your website
b) learn more about your products & services
c) enroll in your campaigns
d) share with friends

bussiness profile

Social Media Business Profiles

We build your social media profiles into high converting sales funnels that:
a) educate your prospects
b) engage your audience
c) build strong relationships
d) create your product and service social media ambassadors
e) share with friends

video advertising

Video Advertising for Social Media

We develop social media video marketing that is visually captivating, emotionally moving and subtly influences you prospects' attitudes and behaviors about your company's products and services.

marketing plan

Monthly Social Media Marketing Plan Development & Implementation.

Our team designs monthly social media marketing plans that generate increased profile, leads & sales for your company. Your monthly plan outlines our marketing strategies that include daily, weekly, contests, education and profile-building tactics.

We are the Social Media Experts

Why is Social Media Marketing so Important?

  1. Learn about your prospects' & customers' behaviours.
  1. Reach a new audience of prospects & customer segment (economic, social, cultural, hobbies, sport, special interest).
  2. Enhance product & service education easily.
  3. You can engage, reward and influence larger segments of people and gauge success in real-time.
  4. Create meaningful relationships that increase sales.
  5. Easily increase brand profile.

We are the Social Media Experts

Our Social Media Marketing Process


1. We meet with you by skype, phone or in person to understand your business and your social media needs.


2. We analyze your competitors and prospects and customers in the industry.


3. We develop a social media plan that meets your needs, fits your budget and offers the best ROI for your investment.


4. We provide a quarterly success report that outlines the increase in profile, leads and sales.



Christine Sartie testimonial
Christine SartieChristine SartieCachetoo
I reached out to Navigator Marketing for information and I received a wealth of excellent advice and information. Dawn was warm, personable and her expertise and knowledge felt right and sound. She was so very helpful and followed up with me regarding important additional patent information I was looking for. I ...
Dale Harnden testimonial
Dale HarndenDale HarndenDale Harnden, General Manager Nor Ontario Auctions
"Thanks Dawn. We had a Great auction. Many new faces and that is just what we are looking for. Your marketing efforts are really proving themselves."
Jim Noble testimonial
Jim NobleJim NobleJim Noble Regional Coordinator Northern Ontario Enterprise Gateway
"An impeccable attention to detail, an incredible work ethic and a passion for helping their client’s succeed. Dawn Larsen and her team exceed client expectations."
Tina Junkala testimonial
Tina JunkalaTina JunkalaTina Junkala Business Advisor Junkala Wealth Building
"I shared my company’s vision with Dawn Larsen and her team at Navigator Marketing a year ago. She is the reason my company has exceeded our financial and goal expectations this year. I rely on her sound business knowledge both online and offline."
Alvis Plavins testimonial
Alvis PlavinsAlvis PlavinsAlvis Plavins Bliss Pictures
"Our company hired Navigator to develop our Strategic Marketing Plan. They provided us with a solid plan to follow. They provided objective information about things we needed to know, things we didn’t know and some things we didn’t want to hear, but needed to. Our Strat Plan took our business to the next level."
Daniel Kaltiainen testimonial
Daniel KaltiainenDaniel KaltiainenDaniel Kaltiainen CEO Lloyd Research Group
“Dawn Larsen and the Navigator team worked with us to develop a Strategic Plan for one of our clients. The results exceeded the customer’s expectation and provided exceptional value for their budget. From thorough research and data collection through to detailed analysis in support of effective recommendations. If pragmatic results are what your project requires ...
Dan Bonanni testimonial
Dan BonanniDan BonanniDan Bonanni President Danter Financial Consulting
“Since you sent out the Danter Financial online newsletter your team designed, I have received positive feedback and actually have opened up 2 new sales opportunities as the articles reminded them of some issues they have. Great start, thanks!”
Jessica Guenard-Valiquette testimonial
Jessica Guenard-ValiquetteJessica Guenard-ValiquetteJessica Guenard-Valiquette, BA, CEBS, GBA, CMS Certified Employee Benefit Specialist Abacus Group Benefits
"Our web hosting was a mess until we went with Navigator Marketing. Until recently, we had multiple domains hosted with different companies. Due to a lack of communication from one of our hosts, we lost one of our domains and had some unexpected website downtime. Dawn and her team at Navigator Marketing were able to ...
Robert Hetu testimonial
Robert HetuRobert HetuRobert Hetu Managing Director HP Solutions Ltd. and National Center for Planned Giving
“Dawn has been fantastic in the dealings we have had so far. Dawn along with Eastlink had a seminar on web design and Facebook/LinkedIn which was great. I did learn many things that were unknown to me. Dawn really knows what she is talking about. She has demonstrated the importance of having a web presence ...
Keith Taylor President Arthritis Society Northwestern Ontario
“Dawn Larsen has taken the Arthritis Society from virtually unknown to one of the top 5 charities in Ontario.”
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